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He has spent much of the past few months at his

present and future

Few of the 800 guests will have realised, on walking into the Louis Vuitton show space at the Louvre on March 3 2020 louis vuitton copy bags uk , that they themselves might be participants in historic moment. The catwalk show marked the end of a febrile, nervy season that continued to press forward even while the spectre of the pandemic inexorably closed in. An odd blend of anticipation and relief hung in the air. And yet, as is to be expected from one of the biggest brands in the industry, the house still put on a magnificent performance: the clothes were a mash of influences including pinstripe suiting, ski parkas, moto corsets and tiered petticoats all plucked from different eras and set against a twinkling tableau. the first chords broke, a chorus of some 200 extras, each dressed by the Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags costume maker Milena Canonero, appeared wearing sweeping looks from centuries gone by. In the gloaming of the auditorium it looked as though the artworks in the Louvre had been magicked into life and the audience watched as fashions past, seemed to momentarily collide.

The finale at Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2020, held in Paris March Pascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesDays later, on a trip to Los Angeles where Ghesqui was due to attend a wedding, the world started shutting down. The Met Gala accompanying the annual Costume Institute exhibition About Time: Fashion and Duration, of which he was a co host (and a theme his autumn/winter 2020 show had surely had in mind), was cancelled. The exhibition is currently postponed. In the weeks that followed, the fashion industry entered a state of crisis, with the pandemic upending everything from supply chains to distribution, manufacture to design. Ghesqui quickly reconfigured the Vuitton atelier to work with social distancing, production meetings went digital and the fashion show that great marketing totem of the business for the most part went online. At Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica the time of writing no one knows what form the women shows will take this autumn, who will attend them, and if indeed there will be shows at all. Many retail points are still closed. The industry is navigating a path in which consumer confidence has tumbled McKinsey analysts have warned that fashion sales will shrink by up cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk to a third this Not surprisingly, many are looking to mega as Louis Vuitton (whose sales have remained more stable than the vulnerable smaller independent fashion labels) for direction. As one of the largest luxury brands within the LVMH mantle, making an estimated 50 per cent of the profits at a 1:1 replica handbags group which made a record breaking in 2019, Vuitton decisions set a precedent for how other brands behave. Has the pandemic been the harbinger of lasting within the industry, or will things go back to the way they were?

Ghesqui is in no doubt that this moment has marked a turn in his creative journey. is no room for going back to what things were, he says. while we have the tendency to want to go back to what was, I think that would be our worst mistake. The show the culmination of years planning

The designer is speaking from his Paris studio, a former apartment he turned into fake designer bags a private workspace a few years ago, where he works when he not at Vuitton. He has spent much of the past few months at his country home just outside the city, a cheap louis vuitton bags from china place he bought 14 years ago but where, until recently, he had spent very little time. During lockdown, he a few close friends together, stayed off social media and tried to focus an already busy mind.

not that we weren thinking enough before, he says of his creative reset dolabuy , I think the time was consumed with this crazy rhythm of proposing collection after collection, and it didn allow us the proper time to focus on what was necessary [the issue of what was] ethical, sustainable, the problem of waste. It wasn right. I rather work more on less product than too quickly on more product. That doesn mean we going to sacrifice the economy, but I think it been a wake up call. Not that Ghesqui is complaining. But the global slow down has proved that are other ways to work. had incredible cruise collections with Vuitton, where we would take 600 to 800 people and do a fashion show in Kyoto, in Rio, in New York. And it was extravagant and it was necessary, because the demand for fashion was very high as well. But I don want to do the same any more. I know that this is over. It incredible, but I know what I going to do next. said to my design team, going to do another 300 piece collection, it going to be that. So I want you to come back [after lockdown] with the things in which you really I rather have two ideas instead of five. I mentally, we had all started to feel a bit lost at times, because that the reality of manufacturing. But this was an opportunity to exchange a lot about our feelings and see what themes emerged. his designers came back with many themes in common. The subject of safety was predominant. of the team returned with an expression of protection, says Ghesqui in fashion, can mean a replica louis vuitton lot of different things. Being safe in fashion doesn necessarily mean wearing overalls, but the question of the function was very important in the discussion we had. was a big interest in a certain kind of graphisme, says Ghesqui very positive, very optimistic, very colourful, very bright. Perhaps surprisingly, among the team there was a feeling of exuberance. Says Ghesqui future of fashion is not something that is tepid for me. the designer feels a historic resonance with another decade, it the 1920s a period of energy, creativity and hedonism that also followed a rather than any time in more recent history. after the 2008 economic crisis when fashion was questioning its voice and thinking everything should be much more conservative? I don think that at all this time. The voice of younger people is very it happier and, politically speaking, it more powerful than before. Moreover, with fashion poised on the brink of a new decade, Ghesqui says that the mood and silhouettes that will characterise the 2020s are still waiting to take shape. we are is not defined yet. The moment is only rising now. has long been a fashion trailblazer. At Balenciaga, where he worked for more than 12 years, he some of the strongest looks of the 2000s. His jodhpur trousers, worn with a military became one of the most familiar fashion silhouettes of the era; his athletic takes on retro futurism are indelible as well. He calls his aesthetic a design practice that has always mashed a fusion of oppositional ideas. And at Louis Vuitton he has continued to cherry pick his influences from a sweep of different eras, taking in Paris club kids, 18th century frock coats, boxing shorts, suiting and tunic dresses best suited to the Starship Enterprise. Along the way, he helped to nurture a new wave of creative talent most significantly his former studio head Natacha Ramsay Levi, who now leads the house of Chlo and Julien Dossena, creative director at the Puig owned Paco Rabanne. Rather than predicting the death of fashion, he the current crises both Covid related and in the global social activism that has subsequently arisen as an impetus for creative revolution. a great stimulation for us to be living in this moment Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags , he says. boundaries, breaking categories. It quite violent, what going on around the world. And the transformation that goes with violence is always difficult. But I really want to be part of what high quality replica handbags china happens now. As fabric manufacture was so compromised by the pandemic, Ghesqui found himself returning to the storeroom to use cheap replica handbags materials they already in stock. had been talking for years about the process of waste and how to be more careful, more attentive, but with the crisis we had to accelerate that process. And so, for our cruise collection [unveiled in and in store this winter], we finally went into our fabric and created this small collection, 60 per cent of which was done with fabric that we had not only prototype but to produce the whole collection. It one of the big changes for this season, to put things action and approach the situation with a positive and proactive attitude. I found it very interesting. It not that I trying to find every positive in the crisis, it felt very good to use resources that were available within a very short distance. And not just fabric human resources too. bold talk to speak of sustainability, using deadstock and culling one collections when you sitting at one of the world most lavish labels; a brand that has built its reputation in the name of pure unfettered luxury, aspiration and unapologetic wealth. But Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton CEO, is quick to echo much of what Ghesqui is saying. the pandemic has done is bring to light a whole host of issues that were already in the undercurrent of what people were talking about, says Burke, on a Zoom call from Biarritz. had posted record breaking results for a full year before the pandemic, but things were spinning out of control. This period of time has been an opportunity across the group to concentrate on what makes each house its own. This crisis has made it very obvious what is noise and what is substance. This has reminded us of the basics of what counts. Burke, one of the most positive changes has been the emergence of an executive structure that sees less down from Paris. When we speak, he is finessing the details on the Vuitton menswear presentation that is being produced between the LV teams in Shanghai and Paris; a show subsequently watched online by 104 million people and an event, he later tells me, that precipitates the weekly sales He is adamant that future business opportunities will be more shared partnership events. Which I assume is shorthand for saying that the future lies in Asia.

have for too long conceived of things in the west then, when they have been successful, run them in other places in the world, Burke says. paradigm has changed. The markets in Shanghai or Korea are so matured and highly developed that it means creative activities must be shared now. Sequential doesn work any more. Stores will host more private client sales events, and trunk shows (those great in store sales events of the will become the norm. The show in Shanghai will set a template for staging consumer based around more local points of sale. And the digital drive will be ongoing. Consumers have happily switched to online shopping throughout the crisis and the pressure to innovate further on digital platforms will remain the same. while Burke sees Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags shows being far smaller and more local until we find a coronavirus vaccine, he less convinced we see fewer products in collections to come. doesn mean we be producing less products necessarily, he argues. now is a time when there are more brands on the market, more players and more people at the table. To suggest there should be less product feels a little exclusive to me. surprisingly, the CEO of Louis Vuitton is not a fan hair shirts. consumption is another philosophy, he says of the general reset that favours quality over quantity. making better products is something in which I do believe. spent most of my life doing two shows a year, more since replica louis vuitton bags from china I been at Vuitton. I spent 30 years with the rhythm of fashion shows in my life. And love a show. It a very happy moment but I don want people forget that the show was always a professional moment. The most magnificent work session, but a work session all the same. It might take another shape in near future, but I still believe we will that live It hard to do something as relevant as girl walking in a room. I don think there a magical formula yet, but we will find something that will have a of what we do. Louis Vuitton show of the future. It may not feature a chorus of 200 costumed singers. It may not play to an enormous crowd. But as long as Ghesqui has a part in the theatre of fashion, the drama will live on. advert in article advert o ads center o ads label left”.

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